Individual Healing Session

Individual Healing Session

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Ignite Your Spirit is a form of spiritual counselling which practically and sensitively assists people to release blocks in their mind, body and energy field that are causing limitation or frustration.  It is particularly useful for people wishing to shift the energy in relationships with themselves, their families and their capacity to embody wealth.  Sessions typically take 30-45 minutes.

Generally, people can feel some shift internally after one session. We recommend a series of 4-8 sessions to engender deep and sustained transformation into a new, more inspired way to meet your world.

IYS can help you to:

  • Improve relationships with your family, spouse or workmates
  • Help build self-love, respect and acceptance
  • Raise vibration to attract better fortune and opportunity
  • Assist with depression, anxiety and trauma recovery
  • Reduce experience of chronic pain
  • Activate your energy centres for deeper insight in your life
  • Feel lighter and appreciate more options
  • Help overcome fears and inner barriers
  • Help with fertility and general wellbeing
  • Provide pre and post-operative support

 This form of spiritual counselling adapts always to the beliefs and choice of faith of the client and does not arise from a religious perspective. If the client has a religious perspective, it is incorporated into the session with love.”