Jyotishakti & Vidya are sacred musicians, devotional singers & composers.

They have immersed themselves in mystical & spiritual paths for over 10 years under the close guidance of spiritual teachers from both Australia & India. Falling in love with mantra & kirtan (call & response chanting) as a deep connective practice through sound.

Married in 2014, they originally met through a spiritual centre, & were friends for many years before opening into more love & forming a music duo together.

Vidya grew up in the spiritual & musical culture of Brazil, influenced by his mother being a psychic channel & healer, but did not find his own spiritual calling until moving to Australia & desiring something more fulfilling from his life. He found music to be an inspirational way to open the heart & go inwards, opening up new possibilities of connection with his soul & experiencing the divine within.

Jyotishakti grew up in Australia, has always loved singing but felt very shy in performing in front of others. It wasn’t until her spiritual path led her to a mantra concert by Deva Premal, that the missing piece of kirtan & ‘singing to the divine’ fell into place for her as being part of her life purpose. It helped her to overcome many internal challenges & heal significant trauma through the positive & powerful effects of energy healing & mantra.

Currently spending their time between Bali & Australia, they have travelled performing mantra in many countries around the world such as USA, India, Hawaii, Brazil, China, Bali & Australia.

They frequently support spiritual teachers on retreats with their music, & have deep admiration for the way in which sound can open hearts & connect us to each other.

Musical influences include Krishna Das, Girish, Jai Uttal, Edo & Jo, & Carrie Grossman.

With their first album released in 2015, & second album released in 2018, they are also featured on a number of compilation albums, & have supported other artists both on stage & in the recording studio.

Jyotishakti has also released an earlier album collaboration with bandmates whilst in her previous band Sushumna, and her vocals feature on the popular global track ‘Thank You, I Love You’.

They play a contemporary & modern style of kirtan & sound healing, & the vibe spans a range of meditative to upbeat tracks, offering a high vibrational & transformative energy experience to their listeners.

Jyotishakti & Vidya hope you enjoy the music, & if you haven’t already, subscribe to their newsletter, & click on the links below to follow them on their social media.