Om For Everyday (Digital)

Om For Everyday (Digital)

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Om is a sacred sound which alters vibrational energy fields and is used for cleansing, clearing, healing and creating.

These melodious chants cause strong sound waves that can alter your consciousness and merge you deep into the Divine.

Use this ancient sound to create a place of peace and bring stillness to any space. Play during meditation, in your healing practice or while you sleep.

1. OM Purity(16:55)

Profound sound meditation. Deep cleaning and clearing properties. Remove stress, negative emotions and mental energy from people, homes and offices.

2. OM Golden Portal (15:05)

Rich sound of creation, weaving a doorway into the golden realm of love. Powerful language of light attracts loving help and higher guidance. A deep meditative experience.

3. OM Harmony (7:06)

Soothing blend, stabilising energy, gently bringing peace.