Why You Should Consider Building Multiple Streams of Income

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I’m pretty heavy into personal development. I love to listen to lots of different speakers, podcasts, study workshops, read books, and invest heavily in myself, my mindset, and direction in life, and have done so for years.

Learning is a fundamental part of our growth, and for me it is an absolute must if you want to move forward that you invest in your consciousness, both on a spiritual and professional level.

That you spend time each day reading, listening, meditating, being inspired, and taking action on that wisdom to bring about change.

Personally I love to listen to an array of subject matter, but in particular, topics of spirituality, wealth creation, motivational speakers, healthy eating, and also to people that have success in the areas of life that I feel I would also like to have improvement.

Having a great mentor can set you on a pathway to do amazing things, can lift you up, educate you, inspire you, and help to push you out of the stagnant comfort zone of doing little or nothing, and the trap of going around in circles.

When we lack direction and goals, the likelihood of succeeding in what we want to do significantly decreases. When we have just ‘loose ideas’ around what we think we want, there is little energy being anchored to make them become a reality.

Energy follows thought. Our thoughts are creating the environment around us and all we attract to us constantly. It’s important to remember that mindset and action are massive keys in how we move forward and as to how our success or lack thereof plays out.

In a podcast I listened to the other day the presenter said that many successful business people, i.e. the people making a lot of money, will always have several streams of income as a part of their wealth.

Spreading your income sources out is smart thing to do. We tend to place all of our security in one main job/income source, but then what happens if all of sudden you lose that job or are no longer able to work? It happens, and in cases where it does, if that’s the only source of income, it can certainly lead to a lot of stress and financial trouble.

Being reliant on working a 9 to 5 has its benefits. I did it comfortably for years, but it also has its downfalls. At the end of the day you are trading your time for dollars, which means you actually have to be there to earn the money. You are also working for someone else, and you will always have a ceiling to the amount that can be earned in that job. After a while, like me and for many others, these jobs become boring, soul crushing, and no longer in alignment with your values, visions and dreams.

Fortunately though, there are plenty of ways to make additional streams of income. You can Google it on the Internet and you will see a plethora of options available, but it is however easy to get overwhelmed or feel like you don’t have the skills to be able to do it.

And amongst all the different options how do you find something that’s relatively easy, straightforward, can produce high-level tangible results and is still in alignment with your passions and purpose?

How do you find something where you don’t have to sell to others, where there are amazing people there to journey with and support you whilst you build passive income, and will help you every step of the way?

We don’t know what we don’t know. And then what we do know is constantly changing all the time anyway. Times are changing. People are no longer willing to sit back and work for the next 40 to 50 years, save enough to retire and then have to ‘watch their money’ so they have enough to live off in retirement.

I literally know so many people that live from pay to pay, or like us have passion projects where the money fluctuates extensively, (playing in a band, speaking engagements, online programs, sound healings, teaching yoga etc), which is most of the time extremely unreliable, and they are just expecting that something in the future will hopefully work out to sort out this financial problem for them.

Vidya and I did this for many years too, just ignoring that we weren’t really generating the kind of income that would allow us to leave our day job, and hoping that one day our business would be pick up and be successful. We were focused on the passion of doing what we loved and just accepted that we would need to have a reliable day job to support ourselves to live off.

If you stopped and asked 100 people if they wanted to be financially free, most if not all of them would say YES! But yet in reality only one of those one hundred actually will be by the time they are 65.

So how can you set yourself up for a better future, be solution focused, future orientated and look at these things now in the present?

There has to be a better way to bring wealth into your life then the hard slog over a long period of time that we have become so accustomed to.

Multiple income streams can be through your passion projects, your products, your programs, investments etc that you already have. But it can also easily be generated through using to your advantage automation platforms that are already in existence. Saving you the work of having to create your own webinars, funnels, course content, and the overwhelm of trying to figure out how to do it all.

These affiliate income streams can help you to develop your skills, build your brand, be mentored by inspirational leaders, and have a further reach in what you are doing. As well as providing the lifestyle and freedom to have more time to do the things you love when you want, how you want.

And it’s relatively simple, easy to understand, and straightforward.

Obviously there is still effort and action required like all businesses need, but the process, systems, tools and training are all given to you.

Vidya and I have paved a new pathway in our life. We have aligned with a beautiful heart centred group of entrepreneurs, that are creating real change, real impact, and challenging old money consciousness about how you have to live (and work) for the rest of your life. We have aligned with an awesome platform where we leverage social media and the internet to generate wealth in an easy way, and be totally supported, mentored, and inspired to have great success in the process.

Leading with authenticity, integrity and soul centred message.

Where personal development and heart centred energy is a foundational attribute, where the only limitation is that which you place on yourself, and where there is massive support to get you results.

Living a life of ease and grace not only in consciousness, not only in heart alignment, but also in the physical.

We would love to share more of what we are up to with you and also about this income platform and amazing heart centred tribe that we have been working with, so if this feels like something that resonates with you, lets have a conversation and we will personally send you a free training.

Click here to enquire.

Lots of love and blessings of wealth to you.


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