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Tools for Devotion

‘Revelations of a Shakti’

Sometimes when we a part of devotional practice, we don’t always know why we do the things we do.

Here’s some tips behind why you often see bells used in sacred ceremonies

This is a sacred bell that Vidya and I use in puja (devotional ceremonies) – the bell is used as a tool by the devotee to call in divine energy for the practice.

Blessed by Shakti Durga, this particular one directly channels her Shakti through the devotee when the bell rings.

The divine is omnipresent, knows itself as being in perfect existence and harmony completely as it is. It knows us as being completely perfect as we are, all the time.

By ringing the bell, we ask the Divine to notice us, we are connecting to that infinite energy and letting it know we are here and would love her to gaze her vision upon us.

In ringing the bell, the Divine looks, and blesses us, especially when used in sacred practice such as aarti, abhishekam, or other devotional offerings.

You can use a bell in your own practice during meditation to help expand your consciousness, and pull in more energy.

When we do anything with love, whether it be ringing a bell, offering a flower, or even washing the dishes. When we do this we love, we are offering an act of devotion.

It doesn’t need to look like ‘ceremony’ to be of devotional energy.

The more we practice devotion through all parts of our life, this helps to raise our vibration. Through raising our vibration, the experiences of life become pleasant and joyous more of the time.

Om Shanti (peace)


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