Our Offerings


Reduce stress, anxiety and have more energy through Meditation.
  • Regular meditation sessions incorporating live acoustic music.
  • These meditations are suitable for ALL – beginners to advanced.
  • Learn supportive tools and practices that guide you to attain more peace, happiness, and understanding in who you are.
  • Explore your internal landscape and find a sense of purpose.
  • Join in rich discussions with like-minded community.

“One of the most deep and pleasant experiences of meditation I’ve ever had!”


IYS Energy healing

Ignite Your Spirit Healing is a powerful and life changing healing modality.

Ignite Your Spirit therapy is a no-drug, no-touch healing modality that incorporates work on the energy field, counseling, mentoring and often individualised programs that can include meditations and mantra.

We work in conjunction with regular medical service providers as much as possible. As we believe strongly that energy healing is complementary to other forms of therapy and medicine.

Energy healing is a deeply personal experience. The therapist will scan your energy field for strengths and weaknesses, and work in consultation with you in what it is you wish to attain from the session.

For long-term change, energy healing is most effective when it is combined with a well-constructed program, incorporating other forms of healing such as medicine and is designed to expand the awareness and insight of the person receiving the treatment.

What happens in an IYS session?

You sit in a chair with your feet on the floor, hands face up for receiving energy and your eyes closed so you can go within. The therapist will scan your energy field and assess its strengths and weaknesses. They may give you initial feedback about your energy anatomy and what it is that they wish to focus on, in consultation with you and what it is that you wish to attain from the session.

Sessions take no more than 45 minutes and during that time the therapist will focus on your physical, mental, emotional and soul bodies. Sometimes you just need a good clean out. Other times you will be assisted to harmonise difficult relationships. You will receive spiritual guidance based on the state of your chakras, and even past lives or deceased family members can surface for one reason or another.

Is this a religious thing?

No. People of all religions or none enjoy IYS therapy. Every person has a spirit whether they go to church or not, and every person has the capacity to experience Divine connection and self-realisation.

Religions are like fingers pointing the way to God, and you can learn something from all of them. It is irrelevant to us which religion you practice, so long as it is supporting your spiritual awakening we encourage you to go deeper with your faith.

We will fit in with your beliefs: if you are Muslim we invoke the help of Allah, if you are Christian we invoke the help of Jesus or Mary or a saint that you were close to, if you are Hindu we invoke Ram or Krishna or Shiva, whatever you are most comfortable with. To us they are all beautiful. We also help agnostics who prefer to believe in a universal energy or the quantum field.

If you have any questions about Ignite Your Spirit healing. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

We offer IYS energy healings face to face and online via Skype.
There is also opportunity to book sessions with both of us together for a healing.

“This was exquisite. Exactly what my soul craved.”

Dianne, Cooranbong


Come and experience an uplifting evening of high voltage energy, Kirtan, Mantra and Chanting.

Join us for an evening of musical bliss!

Jyotishakti & Vidya are inspired sacred musicians and our kirtan evenings are a total sound bath with lots of fun and joy.

Not sure what it’s all about?

Well in a nutshell……Mantra has been used for centuries, passed down by the wise Sages as holding sacred vibrational energy in its sound.

When we chant it helps us tap into that energy to change our consciousness, heal, transform, and makes you feel quite blissful!
It calls forth the power to let go of the old, transform, create peace within, and bring grace and nurturing to the mind, heart and soul.

We are multi-faith, so we sing Mantra, kirtan, all the different names of the Divine – from many different traditions. Everyone is welcome (including children).

“I was transported to another dimension, my energy body expanded immensely.”

Brahma Nidra


Sound healing sessions are both highly powerful and transformative for participants.

These sessions offer the opportunity to connect using the power of sound (Nada Shakti), sacred music and Ignite Your Spirit Therapy to explore blockages held within the consciousness and energetic systems.

The group healings are intuited and individualised for the people present on the day, with each person receiving guidance, healing, activation and blessing. 

An array of beautiful sounds and instruments are used including guitar, vocals, crystal bowl and drums.

Through this group experience, space is created to go deeply within, gaining clarity and understanding into the circumstances and issues playing out in your life, allowing you to move forward.
Vidya and Jyotishakti are both senior disciples of Sri Guru Shakti Durga, they are spiritual teachers, energy healers and inspired sacred musicians.

They have studied for several years with Shakti Durga, and are a divine channel of Saraswati and Nada Shakti; using sound and energy techniques as a tool for rapid transformation and awakening within others.
The group healings run for approximately 1.5 hours, numbers are capped.
Check out our calendar for your nearest event!

“Extremely enlightening! Like nothing I have ever experienced before.”

Gabrielle, Cooranbong