If I be completely honest

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 If I be completely honest.

‘Revelations of a Shakti’ –

So I wanted to share something with you from a healing that happened today.

I was feeling quite down and discouraged in myself.
Over the last 3 months Vidya and I have been working together with a mentor to help us get our ‘business’ more productive and successful.

It’s opened up a whole new world of learning about websites, and programs and sales funnels and how many times you should be posting on facebook and what is your target market, and blah blah blah.

The initial excitement I felt about engaging in my business in this way diminished and for the last week or so the idea of doing any more computer work, or putting effort in immediately made me feel deflated and drained.

Fortunately though I had already previously arranged to connect on Skype today with one of my fellow teachers and she was also experiencing the same thing (thank you universe).

We did a healing together on each other and our collective consciousness, lifting it from both of us and from within our businesses.

The heaviness of when you become stressed and too much in your head is draining. It takes you away from your authenticity and coming from a place that is heart centred.

We realised that we had been feeding our energy into our ‘business’ and saw it as such as being a ‘business’ seperate to us, instead of it being seen as an ‘extension’ of who we are. An expression or arm of us in the world.

Just like when you learn Ignite Your Spirit Therapy, you are taught to pull in 100% energy from the divine, and give out 70% keeping the 30% for yourself to refuel your own energy. Such is the same for anchoring energy into your projects and business. Pull in 100% energy from the divine to feed it, and be the conduit, the divine vessel for that energy to flow through you into your project. Don’t give your energy away leaving yourself drained. Be the vessel.

So we called our energy back from it, and anchored in the energy of the divine. We released our-self from the societal pressure and beliefs linked in even to the word ‘business’. (All or nothing approach, hard work). Cut from all the information, overload and overwhelm, and bought back in the purity and peace that is resonate in us and offered that into it instead.

I had a lot of realisations today about the energy I was carrying.

The projects you lead and the extensions of yourself (your business) will carry your energy and imprinting. How can you expect that to be inviting for someone else to come into if you yourself are drained, or stressed?

We only took 30 minutes of healing and it completely transformed how we both felt, revitalized our energy, and the energy of what we offer in our services. 30 minutes!

Upon reflecting in the stillness of what I felt after wards I wrote this, and wanted to share it with you.
Sometimes you need to just take a step back and go within. We can so easily get caught up in the mind – in our thoughts, stresses and worries.

We lose the connection to the current of energy that is present within us, running through us, and gifted by the divine.

Our mind and our worry takes us away from this.

It pulls us separate, aiming to anchor us into the problems of the world, the problems of our life, and doesn’t give room for the answer to those problems to arise, which is actually already there within us.

We all have a divine spark. We all have a divine offering.

Sometimes it gets over-layed with rubbish from our head and makes us feel like we have nothing to give of worth.

The feeling of set back from seeing dreams unrealised and questioning of ‘what is it i’m doing wrong’.

In the midst of the questioning go within.
Listen to the cues of your essence and truth and seek the answer there.

If you need help in moving back into the right head space feel free to drop me a line. Am happy to have a chat.




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  • Sri Devi

    Beautiful beloved……our work, our business, is LOVE….may you be blessed with an abundance of love that transforms into whatever you are calling in. Aho..Sri Devi xx

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