Our Kitchen Flooded at 4am!

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– Karmic Grace –

So let me set the scene for you.

It was just an ordinary night here in our home, I went to bed just after midnight (Vidya was already asleep). Also FYI – For the next 6 months we are living with my mum saving some money to hopefully buy a house.

We woke up to my mum calling out Vidya’s name at around 4am and it scared the crap out of us as she sounded panicked.

Vidya raced downstairs and I could hear her saying there’s water everywhere, I can’t make it stop.

It was hot water, there was steam and water pouring out from under the kitchen sink, it was too hot to get in close. We had to turn the water off completely at the main outside.

Vidya said a couple times ‘I’m getting zapped’ when he touched the kitchen sink and there was a few inches deep of water covering the kitchen floor.

A very startling and dramatic way to be woken up from one’s sleep I assure you!

So we cleaned it up as best we could with towels and mops and then went back to bed.

So what’s this got to do with karma?

Well karma plays a big part in life, every action we take is either causing negative karmic energy or positive karmic grace. The effects of what we do has ripples and affects our future. It comes with us into other incarnations and we don’t know what’s just around the corner.

The flooding in our home was due to a hole that had burst in the pipe overnight. This happening was a karmic experience for us – i.e we were burning off some negative karma, but however the experience of it was relatively graceful.

Our positive karmic grace is what places us in the right place at the right time, it puts us into the divine flow and makes life easier for us.

The next morning it just so happened that we already had the plumber coming over for a different reason, so we didn’t have to organise that. The pipe was fixed by lunchtime.

The insurance company sent out an electrician that day to check there were no electrical shorts. As it turns out, there was actually a live wire on the bottom shelf of the kitchen under the sink that was there from when the kitchen had renovations and the work wasn’t completed properly.

Yes that is highly dangerous considering we were all standing in water and Vidya mentioned he felt zapped. I would consider that to be positive karmic grace and protection that no-one was hurt.

The day after that the builders came and ripped up the floor (we now have massive blowers on the floor drying everything out.)

So it’s all been relatively smooth and has fallen into place easily.

When we do good deeds, forgive, give, and serve, it creates positive karmic grace which opens doors that would otherwise be closed to us. It opens up AMAZING opportunities that can often be effortless and miraculous in how they come into our life.

The thing to consider is that we have no idea what we have done in other lifetimes, we have no idea of what our karma is holding for us that we need to burn off. By generating grace we place ourself in a better position to lessen the karmic effect from our previous actions.

It’s a good reason to practice holding love, keeping a high vibration and responding with correct action especially when we want to kick things or people. In doing so we can prevent creating more negative karma in our life.

We can have these graceful experiences even when the kitchen floods and your house now smells like mould.

So glad it didn’t happen last weekend when we taught Empowering Relationships here at home.

Many blessings



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