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Dating Naked!!

‘Revelations of a Shakti’

Recently Vidya and I watched a series on TV called ‘Dating Naked’.

As the name suggests, people go on dates on this secluded island totally naked. It was quite entertaining… 2 people stay on the island as residents the whole time and date new people every few days to try and find the ‘one’.
They can choose someone else to stay on with them, or kick them off if they don’t like them.

There was this one woman on there who was totally stunning, the resident island man thought she was the whole package and swooned over her…… there was definitely lots of sex chakra activation going on…..

Well…. for about 4 weeks there was. Sure enough this attractive woman very quickly let her insecurities in herself show, she became very arrogant and jealous of him dating other women. Adopted the attitude of ‘well why would he want them, I mean there’s no comparison look at her, and look at me’. Then tried everything she could to get his attention. This girl was clearly used to using her looks to manipulate and get the attention.

When it came down to it, she was incredibly insecure and all her confidence was based on how much does this guy like me. He ended up kicking her off because of her out of control neediness.

Why am I telling you this story?

Well because it’s important to be able to meet our own needs, especially in relationships.

It doesn’t matter if you are the most beautiful woman in the world. If you need someone else to tell to make you feel secure. You won’t ever find what you’re looking for.

Many women are unhappy and insecure in their body. Some don’t like to have their photo taken even (embarrassed about how they look).
It’s so deeply ingrained in our culture to be thin, and to be ashamed if your not.

There are glimpses however, that the consciousness of the planet slowly is starting to shift and we are welcoming more body positive messages from the media and each other.

The question is how do you feel about your body? How do you feel inside of yourself? Are you meeting all of your own needs for acceptance, approval, love and security? Are you trying to find that in your relationships because you haven’t learnt to give it to yourself?

We outsource because we yearn for this kind of nurturing, but in the process we easily give our power away.

Empowering Relationships is an amazing workshop which teaches you effective ways to call your power back to you, become empowered with your energy, stable in your emotions, and learn to connect positively with your body.

If the possibility of having more self-love than ever before, having beautiful, joyful relationships, and re-newed zest for life appeals to you then head to our events page and join us for Empowering Relationships.


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