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– Revelations of a Shakti
How do you go when you have to have a challenging conversation with someone?
I’ll be honest, i’m not a fan. It makes me nervous, I like to avoid them. I hate any kind of confrontation.
But when we avoid these conversations for too long, it starts to play on our mind, we start thinking about it more and more, we can feel quite victimised, and even angry.

Then we either internalise it or we explode into screaming Nancy mode. (By the way I do a great screaming Nancy).
Either way is really not helpful, and energetically affects us.
So what can we do?
We need to take our energy back from that. Whatever the problem is. The first thing we can do is cut from it (so as to not give it anymore of our energy), and send love.
Reflection – what’s the trigger for you? Meditation will often give you the answer (or book in a healing if that doesn’t work for you). You need to work on your trigger as it’s being shown to you for a reason. If it’s not them pushing your buttons I guarantee you someone else will come along and do it again until you face it.
– Be authentic, (but not a victim) – the more you blame, the more defensive the other person is going to get. We want to be able to express what we need to and speak our truth, but be able to do it with compassion, love and kindness. Speak to others the way you wish to be spoken to.
This doesn’t mean you become a doormat with no boundaries, it just means that your boundaries are set with the right energy underneath them and thus will be clearer and land better.
The situation within your mind needs to be de-fused and non-aggressive before you have the conversation.
– Do a relationship healing (if you know how to), clean the chakral layout of the relationship, clear out the heavy energy, dissolve the negative beliefs and sweep the throat chakra (communication, judgement). Bless the conversation before it even happens.
– When having the conversation. Fully connect. Pull in energy to support you, stay grounded and hold your space in peace. Open the conversation up for sharing on both sides.
– Don’t be attached to the outcome. We can’t control how other people respond to us, and we can’t control others to act the way we want to please us. All you can do is work on yourself, change your own consciousness and it will over time change your experience within the relationships. You are responsible for your reactions. But not theirs.
Do you have a relationship that needs renovating?
Check out the Empowering Relationships workshop coming soon – or book in a IYS healing.
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