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Have you ever stood on the scales and felt really disappointed when they didn’t go down this week?

Perhaps you are a weigh yourself every day kind of girl?

Either weighing yourself, weighing your food – or likely both.

I once dated a guy and we were talking about training and what we eat (he was a long distance cyclist), and I could from the top of my head tell him the calorie and carbs amount in many different types of food. I remember that he was quite shocked.

At the time I didn’t see an issue with it, I wanted to be shredded, have the abs, was meticulous in every piece of food that went into my mouth. For me it became an obsession. Weighing myself became an obsession. Having to look leaner became an obsession.

And with this obsession I became unstuck. It led to bingeing, weight fluctuations, a totally unrealistic viewpoint of myself and percieved imperfection in the way I looked. It was totally unhealthy.

I couldn’t stop striving to have a 6 pack and be shredded – that was kind of my only goal I had and it blinded me.

Even when my waist was tiny, I still thought it wasn’t enough. Still more work to do. Still judging and criticising my body.

It took me down a path and many years of having deep dissatisfaction in the way that I viewed my body.

Now this is not the path of many people that are on diets. It certainly doesn’t end like that for most. But the pressure that we place on ourself when we feel that we NEED to lose weight is usually based on an internal dialogue of criticism and judgement.

‘I hate the way I look, I hate the way my body lets me down’, when we step on the scales it’s that same enforcement of ‘not good enough, i’m failing at this’ if the scales don’t show us what we want.

Scales have no power over you. They are just scales, they just show you a number. It’s not an indication of the kind of person that you are, the love that you share with others, how strong you are, it shows you nothing but a simple digit of gravity.

Don’t let the scales define you. Don’t let the scales determine your self worth. Don’t let the scales depict how you should feel emotionally today based on what it says. That’s bullsh*t and it’s only what your mind is telling you, it’s not the truth.

I played that game for many years, and now I don’t even own scales, what I weigh doesn’t matter as something of importance anymore.

If you’re trying to lose weight then that’s awesome, but do it as a beautiful empowered woman on a mission to be fitter and healthier, and tell yourself you are worthy of love regardless of the number it shows you.

You’re worth it.

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