My Mind Won’t Stop!!

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My mind won’t STOP!!

‘Revelations of a Shakti’

Have you ever tried meditation before and gave up because well ‘it’s too friggin hard’!

Me too.

There are times when I sit there and my mind is all over the place, judging everything, feeling crappy, thinking this is ‘bulls%t.
Sooooo not interested in anything remotely resembling stillness.

That’s the problem, is that we think that to be meditating properly then this means we have to be still. That we have to get it done ‘perfectly’ in order for it to be effective.

No sir-ee Bob!!

Meditation is one of my greatest friends and amazing tools that I practice daily, but it isn’t always a beautiful glamorous practice of happy happy joy joy, lets all get high on love thing. There has certainly been times where I have just given up on it, frustrated at the process.

On the days when i’m really distracted and my mind won’t stop, instead of giving up, I put on a guided meditation, get an IYS healing or hook into repetitive chanting to follow along to, it keeps me occupied and also clears out the dross.

By practicing meditation what we are doing is pruning the mind.

We aren’t trying to annihilate it, but simply direct it in a more high vibrational way of existing. We are creating a new higher set point as our natural response in how we view and experience the world.

Doesn’t mean that your never going to feel crap ever again, or that every time you sit down to contemplate it’s going to be filled with endless bliss and stillness. But it certainly does allow for more spaciousness and opportunity for this to happen the more you practice it.

Your inviting it in by giving it a go, and some days will be A-MAZING, (mostly my meditational experiences are now) but I still have others that don’t feel like I do anything. Yes i’m human…..

For me stillness is a different experience to what I actually thought it was. I thought it was a complete nothingness. An emptiness in-ability to think. Free from thought.

But now I experience it as an opening and exploration in my consciousness, sometimes there is nothing, no thought – and just the feeling of being encompassed in beauty and profound bliss. Other times there will be massive expansion – receiving of dialogue with clear guidance around concepts and inner reflections of spiritual teachings and new understanding of myself on a whole new level.

By pruning the mind, we open it. We clear it. And over time it becomes a pathway for all kinds of inspiration and guidance to be gifted to you.

I teach people how to meditate as something i’m passionate about.

Anyone can easily learn it, even when your mind is stressed or if you have had trouble before. There are so many benefits and it will change your life.

Come join us at Redhead Wellness Sanctuary for our weekly musical meditation starting January 2016.

Or book in for our weekend workshop Ignite Your Spirit 1 where we go in-depth into techniques in which you can enrich your spiritual life and further enhance your meditational practices.




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